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June 28-29 / International Retail Convention in Astana

L'événement est terminé. *veuillez noter que l'ajout de l'événement dans votre calendrier ne signifie PAS que vous êtes inscrit. Vous devez d'abord vous inscrire si vous souhaitez assister à un événement.

In anticipation of 20-years anniversary of Astana capital city, top managers of the leading retail chains and manufacturers from 35 countries come together! World digitalization in trade, international logistics, export and import relations in modern conditions, trends in the development of modern retail in Kazakhstan and the world!


Objectives of the Convention:

To arrange business meetings of representatives of leading foreign and Kazakhstani business circles in the form of forum and industry-specific business sessions

To develop and promote export potential of domestic producers.

To analyze/study and evaluate current and future trends in digitalization of industries, their impact on business growth potential, including logistics, pay systems and legal framework issues.

To discuss wide range of issues on prospects and trends in the trade industry and their impact on the competitiveness of the economy.

To promote investment image of native retail market..

To make this event the most useful to its participants, we decided to divide the entire space into 10 zones. Each will have its own program. Each will be decorated in its own style with addition of interactive elements and a variety of activities.


International Center for Negotiations of Retailers and Suppliers of EEU Countries

- is the space for bilateral blitz-negotiations between suppliers and purchasing directors. It may become the world's largest meeting of manufacturers and retailers in this format.


For the first time in the history of our projects Negotiation Centre will be opened with Focus session with top managers of retail chains «PURCHASING POLICY» .


More than 100 trade networks from the CIS countries, distributors, operators of international electronic commerce will join the negotiations on the part of retail.

National manufacturers from 35 countries of the world together with native manufacturers will present their products.


For more information and registration please follow the link.


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